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Biography & Resume - Frank Pullia, CPA, CMA, MBA


Throughout his career Frank has focused on effectively managing change and ensuring that organizations were and continue to be well positioned to deal with both internal and external challenges. He continues to play a successful role in helping companies, community-based organizations, municipalities, and First Nations with their strategic and business plans, operational reviews, re-organizations and expansion plans, economic/community development, and marketing plans.

Some of his recent accomplishments include the completion of a  Regional Economic Development Plan for the Province of Ontario Northern Growth Plan, a Strategic plan for the City of Thunder Bay, a Strategic Economic Plan for the municipality of Neebing and a Social/Economic Profile as well as a Community Investment and Training Program for the communities of Gillies and Oliver Paipoonge. These projects were designed to provide community leaders and municipal planners with the required information and training to gauge their community’s attractiveness to investors and identify areas of development as to make their communities investment ready.

Mr. Pullia has also extensive knowledge of international business, strategic alliances, exports and inward investment, having worked as a Project Manager for the Northwest-Midwest Alliance, a community-based organization aimed at developing business and trade relations between Northwestern Ontario and Upper US Midwest companies. His international business experience also includes work with Internet Business Solutions companies in Latin America, computer manufacturing companies in Silicon Valley, Pasta making companies in Italy, and Granite companies in North America.

Some of his most recent successes have also been in the area of governance, organizational review, and successful preparation and implementation of strategic plans for not-for-profit organizations such as the Thunder Bay Country Club (Consultant - Financial Controller); North Superior Workforce Planning Board (Co-Chair of Business) and the Da Vinci Centre (President). All three organizations have experienced a major turnaround in their operation and are now considered leaders in their field.

The Workforce Planning Board is now taking the lead on many projects in the region, including extensive community consultation and training/adjustment processes which are being used as best practices by other Planning Boards in the province. Studies conducted by the Planning Board on the Mining sector workforce requirement, economic impact of the aging workforce in Northwestern Ontario, as well as the impact on future skills shortages clearly indicates the need for renewed emphasis on skills development and training of the regional workforce. With the Aboriginal population playing an increasingly important role in the regional economy, partnerships are also being created for the development of Aboriginal skills needs assessment, Aboriginal Employment and Training.

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