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Biography & Resume - Frank Pullia, CPA, CMA, MBA

Regional Economic Development Plan  - Province of Ontario Northern Growth Plan: the aim of the plan is to support the advancement of Northern Ontario as a globally competitive and preferred place to live, work and invest through a collaborative, inclusive mechanism for long-term economic development, labour market and infrastructure planning that crosses municipal boundaries to strengthen the capacity of Northern Ontario communities.
City of Thunder Bay 2011-14 Strategic Plan - Provide market research and gather data required for evidence-based evaluation and analysis of key strategic issues, with focus on development of strategic objectives and goal alignment to move from strategy to action including identification of key results, indicators and performance measures. 
Economic development/strategic plan project for the Municipality of Neebing. This project was designed to provide community stakeholders and municipal leaders with the information and tools that they required to embark on an economic development program.

Business Plan/Marketing Plan for the Hazelwood Lake Centre. The study addressed different ways to increase customers' usage (including off-season) and revenues and was successfully implemented. It included capital and financial operating sustainability, target markets, new programming and image branding as well as a new vision, strategy and marketing.


Social/Economic Profiles as well as Community Investment and Training Programs for the communities of Gillies and Oliver Paipoonge. This project was designed to provide community leaders and municipal planners with the required information and training to gauge their community’s attractiveness to investors and identify areas of enhancement as to make their communities investment ready.


Management and controllership consulting service to the Thunder Bay Country Club. Accomplishments included a major turnaround in operational and profitability results based on increase in membership, long term debt refinancing, capital investments in the clubhouse and golf course operation as well as in grounds equipment, new computer and network systems, hiring of new staff, establishment of internal control systems, and changes in board governance and management structure.


Feasibility study and cost-benefit analysis for the Kinghorn Sub. Railway between Thunder Bay and Longlac in Greenstone. The line was being abandoned by CN Railway and the study looked at the feasibility of a potential short-line operation, as well as the economic and community impact of such loss on the regional economy.


Feasibility study for a tour train that would travel along Lake Superior between Thunder Bay and Nipigon. Pullia Accounting & Consulting put together a team of experts in the field to identify the potential viability of this exciting project that included many partners and communities in the region. The study involved an extensive evaluation of marketing, capital, operational, and organizational issues as well as consultation with the communities involved.


Business Plan for Earlton Airport in the Timiskaming region of Northeaster Ontario. The region had been without air service since 2002 which was affecting the economic development prospects of the region. Pullia Accounting & Consulting together with Tom Wilson Consulting conducted an assessment of the viability of air service in the region through a comprehensive analysis of the market and consultative process of key community and business stakeholders.


Feasibility Study and Discussion Paper for a Northern Ontario Economic Development Council. The study was commissioned by the Thunder Bay Tourism and Economic Development Department and looked at the feasibility of creating an association of the five largest economic development offices in Northern Ontario: Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, Timmins and North Bay.

The study looked at the mandate, organizational structure, funding mechanisms, and best practices in pursuing strategic initiative that are Pan-Northern in nature, and would enhance the overall economic reality of Northern Ontario.


Marketing Strategy and Business Plan for Air Services and Airport Operations in the municipalities of Red Lake, Dryden, and Sioux Lookout.

The study included an overview of the air service industry, review of existing funding mechanisms, different ways to increase ridership and use of local air service routes, an evaluation of current and projected market trends, a review of similar comparable markets to determine what works and what does not, financial implications for the communities, potential diversification models including private/public sector partnerships where viable, a review of what the customer base requires from local air service, how to effectively target customers through marketing initiatives, and alternative potential revenue sources.


Marketing Strategy for Air Passenger Services for the Townships of Chapleau, Hornepayne, Manitouwadge, and Michipicoten. The main goals and objectives of the study were to determine the long-term financial viability of an air service operation in the area; to explore alternative carrier options; and to identify potential ownership models include private/public sector partnership.

Comprehensive Economic Strategic Plan for the Sand Point First Nation . The plan included the development of a community profile, skills inventory and training needs analysis, education standards and needs, and the entrepreneurial capacity of community members.

Other deliverables included organizational, economic, social, cultural, and external analyses, along with strategic goal setting for the community and the development of viable projects and development opportunities. The consulting team worked with a local project team that included representation from the following groups: band council, local youth, community elders, cultural leaders, and current or potential business operators.


Community Profiling Project for the Greenstone and North of Superior Municipalities. The community profiles served as the bases for a regional marketing brochure that highlighted the uniqueness of each individual community while promoting the area's investment opportunities to both public and private investors. The project also included preparation of a detailed Marketing Action Plan for attracting and retaining investment, along with three levels of program budgeting to allow flexibility in funding options.


Strategic Economic Development plan for the Municipality of Oliver Paipoonge, including the formulation of a prioritized list of viable community development strategies and projects. Some specific objectives were: to determine the direction and sectors the Municipality should move in terms of economic development (i.e. tourism, light and heavy industrial, commercial, etc.); the development of the "how to" market to potential businesses and investors; identifications of barriers to development; and a strategy to deal with and support the fast-growing small business sector.


Business plan for an international company providing Internet Business Solutions to the Latin America, North America, and European markets. The plan provided substantial market and financial information for the purpose of market expansion and funding by prospective investors.


Brought together 3 information technology (IT) companies to form a Consortium (Northwest Tech), and prepared a successful funding proposal and business plan to the Ontario Rural Job Strategy Fund. The goal of this partnership was to position itself in the fast growing US Midwest IT market by capitalizing on the shortage of Information Technology professionals. This project objective was to allow the Consortium to acquire US contracts, retain and create much needed knowledge-based jobs, help strengthen a new industry, and further diversify the economy of Northwestern Ontario

Worked closely with a number of local private companies and economic development agencies in coordinating and facilitating a large-scale emerging technologies project. In co-operation with the Canadian Consulate, did a preliminary due-diligence on the principal US project partners, some of whom are heavily involved in the Mall of America in Minneapolis and other successful retail/entertainment type of development.

Also coordinated funding requests, (which were subsequently approved) for the project and the tendering of a risk analysis and feasibility study. The project was awarded to a local consultant and a final report submitted to the group. A second phase of this project included the development of a Community Investment Fund model. A workshop with Ministry personnel and community leaders was held and a final report prepared soon after.


Shaw Cable community program - “Thunder Bay’s New Economy”. Took the lead in participating in this eight-part documentary highlighting the changes, challenges and opportunities in the economy of Northwestern Ontario by sponsoring and developing a half-hour program to increase awareness of international trade and business opportunities both internationally and in the US Midwest.

Videotaped parts of the Northern Networks Trade Conference in Wausau and held on-site interviews with Mike Fabius of DST Consulting and Uli Walther of GRK Canada Ltd. A panel discussion with service providers (FedNor, MNDM, DTB, Northwest Enterprise Center, Chamber of Commerce) in the studio completed this section of the program which aired on public television. After initial airing, the eight-part documentary was made available to the public through libraries and related agencies.


As Project Manager for the Northwest-Midwest Alliance, brought together the various economic development agencies in the Region and developed a Community Partnership Model and a team approach that was successful in further opening up the North-South trade corridor. These efforts resulted in a substantial increase in the level of export activity, inward investment opportunities and the formation of many strategic alliances, partnerships, and joint ventures between Northwestern Ontario and US Midwest companies.


In collaboration with Development Thunder Bay and the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, developed a full-fledged Inward Investment Program. The program emphasizes a Team Thunder Bay approach to attract investment to the region from expanding US Midwestern companies. The first of a series of inward investment seminars was held in Minneapolis and attracted over 40 participants. The team also included the Port and Airport Authorities along with the Chamber of Commerce.

Also coordinated the follow-up and visit of interested US companies. A successful visit included a meeting with, and presentation to a local group of engineering and information technology (IT) companies.  The meeting led to a working agreement and subsequent contracts signed with a local IT company that eventually led to the hiring of a number of IT professionals to service the US contract.


Spearheaded a City Council Committee to prevent a further decline of the Downtown Core Areas. Brought together various groups with competing interests and was successful in leveraging funds from various government agencies in order to hire a full time Development Facilitator. A range of strategies/action plans were developed and implemented, that resulted in substantial improvements to the Downtown Cores.


As the Chair of the Casino Committee, coordinated the social, economic and policing impact study. Personally conducted research, interviews with different stakeholders, and preparation of 2 separate reports that led to the formal process of a public information meeting and subsequent referendum. The construction of the Casino has led to the creation of approximately 450 direct and just as many indirect jobs. The economic impact is estimated at $70-80 million dollars per year over and above the $40 million investment in construction and furnishing.


Participated in a Trade Mission to Milan, Italy and coordinated the preparation of a Pasta Plant Proposal to create a joint venture initiative in Thunder Bay. The proposal resulted in four responses from Italian pasta producers and two from interested North American companies. Was involved in coordinating the meeting and facilitating negotiations with two international companies. The opportunity still exists for the creation of a new industry and a potential for 120 new jobs in Thunder Bay and Region.

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