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Financial Services

The lack of effective financial decisions can cripple any organization. Many small and medium size companies lack the internal resources and are reluctant to invest in outside financial expertise because of limited discretionary funds. Pullia Business Consulting can offer a wide range of financial service at a reasonable cost that take into account all facets of the operation. This includes:

  • Project Evaluation
    Including small or large scale projects to determine the internal rate of return, payback period, and net present value before expenditure are allocated or investments made. This analysis is particularly useful for expansions and investments of large capital outlay. Various what-if scenarios can be played in advance to encompass a broad range of possibilities aimed at the identification and reduction of risk.
  • Financial Proposals
    Companies that submit bids or proposals can benefit from the financial expertise and tools at our disposal. As a financial analyst at Kimberly Clark, Frank has worked closely not only with engineering and technical staff, but with front-line supervisors. Such experience allows him to work as part of your own team or separately once the technical information has been collected.

  • Business Solutions
    Based on sound analysis and review of the operation, a complete financial picture can be derived. This picture will include operational bottlenecks and critical areas of weaknesses and strength. Recommendations and plan of action with expected results (both operational and financial) will be prepared in a cost effective and efficient manner. Follow-up on implementation plans along with measurement of financial targets can also be provided.

Financial Services

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