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Accounting Services

As a Certified Management Accountant, Frank's expertise lies in the preparation and implementation of accounting systems (books) after a through evaluation of the organization's needs for both external reporting and internal management information systems that will lead to effective and efficient decision making. This includes:

If effective planning and cost control is a requirement in your organization, proper budgeting is a must. Budgeting does not look only at historical data and extrapolate to determine what the future should be. It looks at the whole planning process to determine the right feedback mechanism that provides the information necessary for the owner/manager of any company or organization to make the right decisions at the right time.
Cost Control
Controlling costs is extremely important especially in times of declining revenues. Together with proper budgeting systems, Pullia Business Consulting can structure your internal cost control system to identify key areas of control and improve your company bottom line.
Profit Management
Cost controls alone will not ensure that the company is profitable. Profit enhancement techniques are part and parcel of the management accountant body of knowledge, and Frank's experience in this field is vast and varied. A complete analysis and evaluation of any operation can be done quickly and a reasonable cost to ensure that the client's investment of time and money in any changes will be very well rewarded by increased profitability.

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