Pullia Accounting & Consulting - Thunder Bay & Northwestern Ontario Business Consulting, Financial Services & Accounting

Pullia Business Consulting
Providing personalized Accounting, Financial and Business Consulting service to a wide range of businesses, municipalities, and organizations. 
Thank you for visiting Pullia Business Consulting web site. In a business world where the only constant seems to be change, small and medium size companies, along with municipalities, First Nation communities, non-profit and charitable organization, will find in here a wealth of information and expertise that is tailored to their needs.
To ensure that the best possible level of service is available to our clients in the most cost effective way, Pullia Business Consulting focuses on the client's needs through a comprehensive approach. This means that a company or organization dealing with accounting, operational, financial or consulting issues, can count on a wide range of expertise through this office and its many links with other professionals in the city, region, and country.


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